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Welcome to SquadJobs. The 100,000-person community who wants to help Women, People of Color, LGBTQ, Nonbinary and Trans tech, and business leaders build a squad that will lead them to a new job & leveling up their careers all while being visible, and valued. We help diverse Techies find jobs & advance their careers while being Visible and Valued.

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Interested in a company, but want to learn more before formally applying? Squad Intro is for you.

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Great Team

Diversity & inclusion are important, but they don’t need to be hard. Recruit from our 100,000+ member community of folks in the LGBTQI, BIPOC and other underrepresented groups. Build a Great Team Make Your Match

Make Your Match

SquadJob’s direct referral program connects experienced techies to offer referrals to qualified job seekers. Once connections are made, those offering referrals can assess candidates’ skills and help them with advice, insider tips and direct referrals.

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Community in Tech

Jobs are just the beginning. We’re building SquadJobs to support underrepresented folks in tech. Sign up and we’ll reach out to you with networking, mentoring, and learning opportunities. We're Just Getting Started Find Where You Belong

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You Belong

On SquadJobs, we match you with organizations that care about the same things you do. Employers of all shapes, sizes and industries are waiting for you to apply.